The spiritual biography of Aldous Huxley by Dana Sawyer

Aldous Huxley: A Biography
by Dana Sawyer

Signed by the author

Paperback, 208 pages

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The Richest, Most Accessible Study of Huxley's Perennial Philosophy

Many Huxley biographers fall in love with his intellect but are not equipped  to deal with the spiritual turn his mind took during the last several decades of his life. In fact, many biographers are hostile to Huxley's choice and simply ignore it. Dana Sawyer's biography respects Huxley's right to go where his powerful mind led him, and Sawyer is at home with the nuances of the spiritual realm. Finally! A Huxley biography that does it justice 

"Masterful... Dana Sawyer has produced an important study in the intellectual history of our times."

Huston Smith, Author of The World's Religions

"I highly recommend Dana Sawyer's biography of Aldous. It is authentic, clearly written, and fascinating. I couldn't stop reading it."

—Laura Huxley

"A perceptive discussion of the intellectual milieu into which Huxley was born and in which he matured... Compellingly, with his expert knowledge of Asian philosophies, Sawyer maps out the different strands of mystical thought (Western, Vedantic, Hindu, Buddhist) that came to form Huxley's 'perennial philosophy,' a framework wide enough to accommodate the findings of modern science as well as the possibilities of self-transcendence culminating in the awareness of being at one with 'ultimate reality'... The best-to-date explanation and appraisal of Huxley's metaphysical position."

Bernfried Nugel, Director of the Centre for Aldous Huxley Studies

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