One Only One

A collection of original religious music performed by the 1971 Men’s Choir of the Vedanta Society of Southern California under the direction of Sudhir with special guests Rabindra & Indira

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I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS* (3:00) Men’s Choir
MASTER* (2:29) Lonnie Hirsch & Men’s Choir
SHEPERD BOY (1:58) Men’s Choir, Adaptation James Barnett
HOLY MOTHER* (2:51) Rabindra & indira
COME AND COMFORT ME (3:00) Men’s Choir
FILLED WITH BRAHMAN (1:53) Men’s Choir, Adaptation James Barnett
THE LORD HIMSELF* (2:29) Rabindra, Indira & Sudhir
ONE ONLY ONE (1:50) Men’s Choir, Words & Music by Sudhir
MY BELOVED GURU* (3:03) Rabindra, Indira & Sudhir
LET ME NEVER FORGET THEE* (4:12) Rabindra, Indira & Men’s Choir
MAHARAJ* (2:18) Men’s Choir
LORD LORD LORD* (2:44) Rabindra & indira
VIVEKANANDA* (2:22) Men’s Choir
LORD BY THY GRACE (2:15) Men’s Choir, Words & Music by James Barnett


*Words & Music by Rabindra, ARRANGERS: Sudhir, Rabindra, James Barnett, RECORDED & ENGINEERED: Paul Bass, COVER (reproduced in part): Jim Nelson & Mike Moran, PHOTOGRAPHY: Larry Hawley
This CD has been re-mastered from the original LP. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this CD benefit the Vedanta Archive.


©  2005 mondayMEDIA
Original Recording © 1971 VedantaPress


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