I Hear Voices! Vocal Quartet Contemporary Folk & Traditional Gospel

I Hear Voices! with Strings

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Bobby Kimmel(Center), Kathy Harris (Left), 
Bobby Ronstadt
(Top),  Suzy Ronstadt (Right)
Heather "Lilí Mama" Hardy on fiddle, Greg Morton on guitar, Jim Stanley on bass!
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1. Don't Get Too Close

2. High Sierra

3. All of the Thorns

4. Time

5. Those Memories of You

6. Pilgrim's Invitation

7. How Can I Keep From Singing

8. Heaven When You're Home

9. Love Song to the Band

10. Piney Wood Hills

11. Soul of Man Never Dies

12. Providence

I Hear Voices! is a unique vocal quartet from Tucson, Arizona, that was formed in early 2012 by Bobby Kimmel, founder of The Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt.

Relying on uplifting material and lush vocal harmonies, they mix about half original songs by Bobby Kimmel with songs by other contemporary writers like Ruth Moody of the Wailin' Jennys and Gillian Welch. Their vocal sound changes with the styles of the songs they sing, from soft jazz to modern bluegrass, with interesting stops in between.

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